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Syracuse (dt. Syracuse) East coast of Sicily "sights archaeological sites"

Syracuse - 12 miles from my b&b is from one of the most beautiful cities on the north coast of Sicily.

Dominated by the impressive city center, framed by famous archaeological sites and Parco Archeologico (ancient buildings from the time of the Greeks) - Invites the city to a variety of ways on a "journey" through the turbulent history of the Sicilian island to go.

The far-reaching Arial in the Parco Archeologico, with its amphitheater, delight in the romantic heart of the theater performances and concerts in the summer nights.

The most famous quarry site of "Latomia del paradiso" the so called.

"Mohr des Dionysios", a gallery of fabulous acoustics received its name due to its (I like to tell you the truly exciting story behind it), as well as the Altar of Hieron.

These are all great signs of animated story of my native land stroke. These destinations will bring you piece by piece my Sicilian hometown closer!

Siracusa "today" is a colorful, vibrant town with numerous Italian restaurants, Cafes and stunning sea views.

Particularly charming: Isola Ortigia, the same time, the population center and the oldest part of the ancient city was.

Here the history connoisseur enjoys the wonderful Cathedral, Here you can stroll on a beautiful sea promenade and just browse the many times in different shops and stores. Or how about the Italian Fariante?

First an espresso on the Piazza!

My tip: An evening stroll through the busy streets at sunset, the golden light of the street lamps - the lively, pleasure of being together on the streets and squares, Welcome to the Sicilian life!

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Archäologischen Ausgrabungsstätten Slavi archelogici Archaeological excavations