The "City of the Dead" Pantalica near Syracuse.

The "City of the Dead” Pantalica liegt 23 Kilometers from our bed&breakfast away and is home to more than 5.000 Chamber tombs, known as the Necropolis of Pantalica.

UNESCO has the necropolis of Pantalica and declared the city a World Heritage Site Syracuse, there are both impressive evidence of the former Mediterranean cultures.

Once in 13. Century v. Chr. created, Stadt Pantalica bit file to tie 8. Century v. Chr. in, and at that time was the capital of the Sicels. From the 8. Century v. Chr. However populated the Greeks Sicily and at the same time began the decline of the city.

A visit to the necropolis of Pantalica is highly recommended. The finds, that were once found in the graves, can be seen in the Archaeological Museum in Syracuse.

For hikers, it is advisable, den Weg nach Pantalica (partially) taken on foot, because the area around the "City of the Dead” can commit very well.

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Pantalica Monti Iblei Kammergräber

Pantalica Ost Sizilien “Sehenswürdigkeiten Monti Iblei mit mehr als 5000 Chamber tombs "

In the vicinity of Syracuse 45 miles from my b&b is Pantalica.

2005 UNESCO declared the Pantalica together with Syracuse for World Heritage. Pantalica liegt narrow 40 miles from my holiday home Valtetinos (in a limestone area) remote.

Here in the Iblei is the necropolis of Pantalica between Ferla and Sortino. The Necropolis of Pantalica is one of the great necropolis and includes more than 5000 Chamber tombs. The necropolis can become visible from both places, and is also accessible by bus.

Caution: There is limited parking on site.