Cava Grande

Cava Grande del Cassibile Syracuse Sicily

Nature Reserve Cava big cassibile near Syracuse.

Early to 9.00 Clock we were on our way to Cava Grande at Cassibile, to go to the greatest heat out of the way. On board we had three bottles of water, Outbreak, Fruit and our towels. We were also equipped with trekking sandals and perfect camera for easy climbing with great photo opportunities.

After the car had hinaufgeschlängelt half an hour serpentine, we arrived on supervised, free parking at. From the starting point you have a wonderful view of the gorge, with its caves, the green valley and of course the small lakes-the Laghetti.

They were for us the incentive, to begin the three-quarter hour of the descent of the sun rising higher and higher.

First, everyone got the info point out a questionnaire handed out, which is released again at the end of the tour. It is also noted here, how many day to enter and leave the reserve, to look for in an emergency, even with helicopters lost by Drowned can.

While some steep descent we could see the change of vegetation formally. Of rather barren thistle plants we approached meter by meter, a jungle-like forest.

We Also we were first swarmed by various species of butterflies and dragonflies later, while the cicadas were acoustically separated from birds.

On the not quite unassuming way, there were always shady benches to rest.

Almost reached the bottom, We chose the left path, to go to a small lake with a waterfall. We crossed the river and climbed on a small rock along.

The water was cool and tiny fishes tickling on the feet, if you stood still.

Further up the river, it was always lonely until we met only goats earth. Here one could fill his empty water bottles drunk, because Cava Grande is a certified drinking water source.

Then we went back a piece, To get to the main cascading lakes, where many swimmers used the cliffs as diving platforms. Ubiquitous were the park ranger, watched the,

but also that no garbage left behind like less nimble trippers through the slippery river helped.

After extensive swimming and picnicking at one of the many generous shade among the rocks we made to us 16.00 Clock on the way back. Fortunately for us, the majority of the trail was already shady. However, we did not stop them, to drink up at the bar for a granita. Incredible, that the host is not exploiting its monopoly and the prices are quite normal.

After 500 Meters of the ex- and ascent in the legs and many new nature photos in the luggage we left the day at the nearby restaurant Locanda Rural Santa Marta end.

Antje and Nicolas, July 2011

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